Miscellaneous Facts

Different Surnames in Cemetery Registers 10246
Number of surnames occurring only once 4272
Most common surnames:
Smith 1896
Brown 1171
Wilson 1097
Most burials in one grave (1570) 48
Most burials in one year (1900) 1518
Most burials performed by one minister:

These were performed by the Revd George Henry Hewison, between 1860 and 1902. Average between 1877 and 1902 when he was cemetery chaplain – 756 a year. Peak year 1882 – 911 burials.
See Cemetery Chaplains & Ministers


Burials by Archbishops and Deans of York

Archbishop William Thomson 1
Dean Augustus Duncombe 1
Dean Arthur Purey-Cust 5
Dean Lionel Ford 4
Dean Raymond Furnell 1

A Death is Announced

These announcement cards were popular in Victorian times. They were quick and cheap to print and bereaved relatives would send them out to friends and family.

Richard Leadley was a cabinet maker who lived in Brunswick Place, York and died of consumption aged only 21. He was the first one to be buried in the family grave in York Cemetery and now shares his resting place with his mother, two sisters, brother-in-law and infant niece.

Just another interesting bit of history from the cemetery.