Memorial Inscriptions, Photographs and Pedigrees

a cemetery memorial

In addition to the burial registers we have a number of resources to help the family historian and researchers.

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Memorial Inscriptions: the term memorial is used to describe any object placed on a grave, including obelisks, headstones, kerbs, vases, tablets, etc.

The York and Family History Society started recording the Cemetery’s memorial inscriptions on 19 June 1979. The task was completed in November 1999, in time for the millennium year, largely due to the perseverance of David Poole, a local historian and Friend of York Cemetery.

David has since re-checked the earlier recorded areas and, as a result, many hundreds of additional memorial nscriptions have been added to the records and over 4,000 names added to the surname index. Accurate records of over 17,400 monuments now exist in the Cemetery Register Database.

Generally, the memorial to a grave will name those buried in the grave, although very often, a person buried elsewhere will be mentioned.

Sometimes, especially in the case of soldiers who died abroad, the memorial will mention a person who is buried abroad or in another cemetery.

Where possible, our Register Database records all three cases.

Information on memorials varies widely. Some only give basic details of name and date of death, while others may include occupations, relationships, addresses and sometimes cause of death. Sometimes a lengthy description of a person’s achievement might be provided.

We are able to provide you with a Register Database Printout of all memorial    inscriptions.

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Photographs: subject to accessibility, we are able to provide you with digital photographs of memorials.

Additionally, we have a small archive of photographs of people buried in the Cemetery and these also can be provided where available.

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Hugh Murray’s York Pedigrees: The late Hugh Murray, a Cemetery volunteer and historian, in the course of his studies, produced over 350 pedigrees of York families.

These pedigrees, some short and some extensive, include many people who are buried in the Cemetery. Copies are available on request.

Additional information or corrections from family members and other researchers are always welcome to improve and extend the collection.