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This page of the website provides a miscellany of interesting information relating to the burials in York Cemetery. The information was compiled by the late Hugh Murray and is sourced from the Burial Registers.

small grave art: a hand Land Acquisitions (1837-1941)

small grave art: a rose Burials:

Causes of Death (1837-1927)

Age at Death (1837-2000)

Number of People in a Grave (1837-2008)

Deaths in Institutions (1837-2000)

Time Between Death and Burial (1837-2000)

Burials by Day of the Week (1837-1906)

Christmas Day Burials (1837-1913)

small grave art : a crown Forenames:

Male (1837-2000)

Female (1837-2000)

Distinctive Names (1837-2000)

small grave art: Undertakers, Ministers & Wardens:

Undertakers (1837-1983)

Cemetery Chaplains and Ministers (1837-1968)

Cemetery Superintendents & Wardens

small grave art: Other Information:

Significant Cemetery Dates

Burials and Monuments (1838-2008)