Welcome to the Genealogy Website of York cemetery

Are you looking for an ancestor or relative who you think is buried in York Cemetery, but have no idea where?

Perhaps you know where your ancestor is buried but would like to know who else shares their grave, where they lived at their time of death and their occupations , etc?

The Genealogy Team are here to help you.

small grave art : a crown The Team

The Genealogy Section of York Cemetery is managed by a small, friendly, helpful and  enthusiastic team of Volunteers from the Friends of York Cemetery.

Our team: David, Janet, Jane, Dennis and Tee

small grave art: a rose Enquiries

During the current pandemic we continue to provide information on people buried in the cemetery and arrange accompanied grave visits

Please do not hesitate to contact us by email at info@yorkcemeterygenealogy.org.uk

We look forward to starting face-to-face activities as soon as possible

small grave art: a hand The Service

Every burial, currently in excess of 124,500, since the cemetery opened on 21 January 1837 is fully recorded on a searchable database. The Database records over 10,200 different surnames in the cemetery Burial Registers including several variations of the now accepted spelling of the surname.

There is no public access to the database but the Genealogy Team will be pleased to carry out searches in response to enquiries.

We charge a small fee for some of our services. Details can be found on the Charges page.

All monies donated through this service are used to assist the York Cemetery Trust in their work to improve and preserve the cemetery.

Initial Enquiry and Response – No charge
Please provide as much information as possible about your relative. As a minimum we require a name, approximate death date and approximate age

We will search the database to confirm that your relative is with us in the cemetery and provide a small amount of additional information to ensure we have the correct person.

Reports – Small charge
We provide three Reports. Please refer to the Database Searches page for full details of each Report. Briefly:

Surname Report – provides a list of all people recorded in the cemetery with that name

Individual Report – provides known information about the individual

Full Report – in addition to the known information about an individual it includes the grave occupancy and the Memorial Inscription where this is relevant

The Individual and Full Reports include an A4 size map of the cemetery showing the approximate location of the grave.


Memorial Photos
Where these have been taken they are included as ‘thumbnails’ as part of the Individual and Full Reports.

Additional memorial photos and larger copies of the ‘thumbnails’ can be provided for a small charge.

People Photos
We have a number of images of people buried in the cemetery. Where available these are included as part of the Individual and Full Reports. Larger photos can be provided at no extra cost.

Hugh Murray’s Pedigrees
The late Hugh Murray was a local historian who compiled a number of pedigrees, or family trees, of local families. These have been digitised and copies are available for a small charge.

Accompanied Grave Visits
Currently all visits are being arranged at weekends and in accordance with a Risk Policy Statement.

small grave art: We look forward to hearing from you.

Many regards,
The Genealogy Team


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